Steven Pinkert

My name is Steven Pinkert and I live in Miami, Florida. I am the managing partner of Pinkert and Marsh, PA, a Miami based law firm. Pinker & Marsh is a boutique firm that practices in the areas of Real Estate, Patent and Trademark, Bar Admissions and Attorney Grievances, and Commercial and Transactional law.  Although I no longer practice medicine I am a licensed physician and surgeon. My education includes a medical degree from Northwestern University in Chicago, and an MBA and JD from the University of Miami. In addition to law I am actively involved in developing new business ventures in China, the Caribbean and South America. I travel extensively for business and have been to Asia almost 40 times since 2008.

I have been married for 35 years to Sherma and we have 2 great boys.  Keith the youngest lives in Madrid and Ian lives in Miami.  My wife, Sherma, is a Pilates instructor.  We lived in Chicago until 1994 when we moved to Miami where I attended law school. After law school I worked as a Public Defender in Miami.  At the PD’s office I learned how to try a case. After that I worked at an Admiralty firm which focused on defending Cruise lines from passenger and crew claims.  Subsequently I started my own firm.

My interests are travel, photography, politics, and history.  Sherma and I have tried to travel whenever we can get away from work.  We have had some wonderful trips including Southeast Asia, India, and Africa.

I hope you enjoy some of my personal photos and travel experience.  I am developing a photography website at My law firm’s website is I have a new website for my consulting company As of February 2012 I have just posted an updated biography on the site.


Steven Pinkert


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