Steven Pinkert Starts a Political Blog

Steven Pinkert has recently started a political blog at  He started the new blog because the American political theater the past few months has reached a level of both entertainment and despair that make it impossible for him to resist comment.  Steven has decided to limit his comments, for the moment anyway, to the outrageous. And the outrageous seems to be nearly weekly now.

Visit Steven Pinkert’s new political blog for his thoughts on the outrageous in politics.

Steven Pinkert’s New Family Website

Steven Pinkert has started a new website that is dedicated to his nuclear and extended family.  You can find the site at The first few stories are about Steven’s father’s 85th birthday party and this past President’s Day weekend that they spent together in Key West. Please take a look and let him know your thoughts.

Ian, Steven, Sherma and Keith Pinkert