About Steven Pinkert

My name is Steven Pinkert and I am an attorney in Miami, Florida. My law firm is Pinkert & Marsh, PA. We practice in the areas of Real Estate, Title Insurance, Attorney grievances, Bar Admission, Commercial and Transactional Law, Patent and Trademark Law and Chinese Market Entry. In addition to a law degree I have an MBA in International Business and a Medical Degree. I grew up in Chicago and we moved to Miami in 1994. I am married with 2 grown boys. I enjoy travel, history and photography. I have a photography site at www.pinkertphoto.com. My law firm's website is www.pinkertlaw.com.

Finishing My Fellowship in Addiction Medicine

Steven PinkertMy Fellowship in Addiction Medicine here at the University of Florida in the Department of Psychiatry ends June 30, 2015.  This has been the experience of a lifetime for me. I have worked with wonderful attendings – Dr Teitelbaum, Dr Hollifield, Dr Greene and Dr Smolen – all so talented and generous with their time.  There have been other attendings as well – too many to mention and thank here.  I have worked with a great group of Fellows this year and we will always be friends and colleagues,

My final rotation is back on the Detox unit at VISTA West, a dual diagnosis unit for Substance Use Disorders and co-occurring psychiatric disorders.

Now I am trying to decide what I am going to do next – there are so many interesting areas related to addiction medicine and psychiatry – a very exciting time.  And it is time to say goodbye to Gainesville which has been great place to live the past year.  Probably back to Miami soon – unless I decide to do something else first…

Change of Career Path for me…

Addiction Medicine
Recently I decided to pursue a career change into the field of Addiction Medicine. I am now a Fellow in training working at the University of Florida in the Department of Addiction Medicine.

I began in July of 2014 and thus far it has been a wonderful experience. The faculty and staff have exceeded my expectations. And the joy of helping patients to recover from their disease is extremely gratifying.

Ortanique On the Mile, A Mini Review by Steven Pinkert

Shanai, Ian, Dad and I had lunch today at Ortanique.  Ortanique is located at 278 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134.  I have been to Ortanique many times over the years and wanted to give you all an update.  The food is still GREAT.  I had their famous pork chop with sticky rice and a great tangy fruity sauce.  We also shared the salmon, Mahi Mahi, eggplant lasagna and the daily ceviche.  All was very good.

It is remarkable that Ortanique has continued to serve such great food all these years!

Steven Pinkert Loves Chu’s Chinese Restaurant in Coral Gables

Friday night, November 15th, 2013, Steven Pinkert, his wife and two friends had dinner at Chu’s Restautant.  Chu’s has great Chinese food.  It is Taiwanese style Chinese food.  You might be wondering why I can judge Chinese food (aside from the fact that I have been to Beijing over fifty times)!  My friend, the Beijing Jazz Singer, Autumn Q, was visiting Miami a few weeks ago, and we went to Chu’s.  She said it was fantastic…so there you go.  If you happen to go to Chu’s, I recommend the soup dumplings (Xiaolongbao) and the tofu which is a cold dish served cut into thin tofu noodles.  Enjoy!

Last Night Steven Pinkert’s Family Celebrated Ian’s 29th Birthday

Last night we celebrated Ian’s 29th birthday. We had Keith, Ian and Jess, Jim and Ani, Sherma and Steven, Dad and Shanai. WE dined in a private room at Prime 112 which is located on South Beach. I would describe it as an Italian Steak house. The filet bone in steaks were some of the best we had ever had. Also the crab appetizer and the fried Chicken on waffles are not to be overlooked. The service was very good and since it was a week night, early in our season here in Miami, it was busy but not slammed as it would be on a Friday or Saturday from Thanksgiving to April or May.

Steven Pinkert, Sherma Pinkert & Robert Pinkert

Steven Pinkert, Sherma Pinkert & Robert Pinkert



Ian and Jess

Ian and Jess

Ian, Keith and Jess

Ian, Keith and Jess

Jim and Ani

Jim and Ani

Steven Pinkert's Dad, Robert Pinkert looks fantastic!  (Steve's son Keith looks great as well)

Steven Pinkert’s Dad, Robert Pinkert looks fantastic! (Steve’s son Keith looks great as well)


Steven and Sherma Had a Great Time on RCCL Cruise to the Bahamas

On November 1, 2013, Sherma and I and a few close friends did the 3 night cruise on Royal Carribean’s Majesty of the Seas. We took an inside cabin as the ship was completely full. It wasn’t too bad really. Comfortable bed and you could sleep late as these was no window! Not even a port hole.

The food was also very good. Service in the dining room was excellent as well. It was a great weekend get a way, and Sherma and I never left the ship!

Sherma onboard Majesty

Sherma onboard Majesty

Steven Pinkert’s Fried Calamari Recipe

Draining Buttermilk from Calamari - Copyright 2012 Steven Pinkert

Draining Buttermilk from Calamari - Copyright 2012 Steven Pinkert

Steven Pinkert has been working on perfecting fried calamari and after a number of attempts it turns out to be very simple to prepare and a delicious appetizer.

Steven Pinkert buys most of his fish from Whole Foods as they are reliable and the quality is usually very good.  Whole foods has fresh frozen calamari both tubes and tentacles, and it is usually available by the pound defrosted on ice at the fresh fish counter.  The price is about $10 per pound these days and a pound is enough more than enough for an appetizer for 5-6 people.


1 pound Calamari mixture of tubes and tentacles
2 cups buttermilk
2 cups flour
4 T onion powder
4 T garlic powder
4 T ground black pepper
3 T Seasoning Salt
3 T Cayenne Pepper Powder
2 T chili powder
2 lemons quartered
Tabasco or other hot sauce

Steven Pinkert cooks using a Deep Frier with fresh vegetable oil but if you are careful you can probably fry the calamari in a frying pan. Although Steven Pinkert recommends the ingredients listed above the spices should be varied according to taste.

First cut up the calamari tubes into about 1/2 inch wide rings.

Calamari Cut into Rings  Copyright 2012 - Steven Pinkert

Calamari Cut into Rings Copyright 2012 - Steven Pinkert

Then place the Cut up Calamari into the buttermilk and allow to soak for about 20 minutes.

Calamari Soaking in Buttermilk  - Copyright 2012 by Steven Pinkert

Calamari Soaking in Buttermilk - Copyright 2012 by Steven Pinkert

After soaking drain the calamari.

Now mix all the dry ingredients together and bread the wet but drained calamari with the dry mixture. Allow the breading mixture to sit for about 10 minutes.

Fry the Calamari in oil for about 3-4 minutes at 325 degrees.

Calamari frying at 325 degrees - Copyright 2012 - Steven Pinkert

Calamari frying at 325 degrees - Copyright 2012 - Steven Pinkert

Now plate, drizzle with fresh lemon juice and serve.

Plated Fried Calamari - Copyright 2012  by Steven Pinkert

Plated Fried Calamari - Copyright 2012 by Steven Pinkert

Steven Pinkert Starts a Political Blog

Steven Pinkert has recently started a political blog at www.stevenpinkertpolitics.com.  He started the new blog because the American political theater the past few months has reached a level of both entertainment and despair that make it impossible for him to resist comment.  Steven has decided to limit his comments, for the moment anyway, to the outrageous. And the outrageous seems to be nearly weekly now.

Visit Steven Pinkert’s new political blog for his thoughts on the outrageous in politics.

Steven Pinkert’s Assessment of Beijing Prices

As a frequent traveler to Beijing I thought I would update my perception of the current prices.  Hotels were outrageous, food fairly priced  and unchanged, air fare (USA-China) great deals, and taxi up just a bit.

Hotel Rates in Beijing

The price of 4 and 5 star Western hotels has skyrocketed in Beijing.  While the price of airline tickets to Beijing was very reasonable in March (2012) the prices of hotel rooms are through the roof.  The Marriott where I regularly stay was asking $1600 RMB plus 15% tax.  If you aren’t familiar with the exchange rate that is about $292.00!  This is Beijing, China not New York.  And the Marriott wasn’t out of line with many of the other hotels’ prices that I checked.  I finally got a good rate at the Park Plaza Wangfujing.  This is a very nice hotel with some recently renovated rooms. Good breakfast and very nice staff.  This was my second stay and would certainly return again.

Long Haul from USA to Beijing

I generally fly America or United from Chicago to Beijing.  March is usually a slow time as there is little tourism to Beijing because the weather is cold.  The Business airfare was as low as $3300 on American which is a steal but the downside is that there were only 80 seats filled in coach on my outbound flight.  This is a serious problem for American as if they need more problems.  I have heard a rumor – totally uncorroborated that American may stop their service to Beijing.  I urge you, if you are considering traveling to China support American’s airlift to Beijing.

Beijing Restaurants

Basically western hotels are close to the same price we pay in Miami, but outside of the hotels food is generally reasonable.  I frequent several places such as Bellagio, South Beauty, and a few others.  These places are Asian fusion or Szechuan – my favorite.

Beijing Taxis

Beijing taxis are fairly reasonable.  An average 15 minute ride in the city will cost you about 20 RMB or $2.50.  They tack on an extra RMB or 2 these days probably because of the cost of fuel.  Remember Beijing Taxi drivers speak no English so have your hotel write down your destination and keep you hotel’s address handy for the return.

Steven Pinkert’s summary on current Beijing prices: if you can find a good hotel rate Beijing is still a value. By the way Steven Pinkert also has a blog about his family at www.pinkert.us